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It’s well known that dental expenses are enormously high as you pay for the rent, dental laboratory services, equipment and dental supplies of course. Imagine that you’d be able save up to 46% on your dental supplies by purchasing your supplies right from dental company or manufacturer! The times of overpriced dental products have come to an end and we’re here to help you out.

 Medielf is offering you an extensive catalogue of high quality dental supplies, there are already more than 1300 products in the catalogue and it keeps on growing. Our team is doing all the best to supply you with the best dental supplies at reasonable price. Feel free to browse and buy dental equipment right from our website or send us an email with the quote and our support team will guide you.

 The best supplies from leading worldwide dental companies are waiting for you! Explore our wide range of restorative products, including pink dental composites of German quality from Anaxdent, these composites are an amazing fit for restoring of big volumes of the gingiva, usage of composites from this wonderful German manufacturer guarantees highly esthetical results. Feel free to buy our pink composites right now. Apart from pink, other composites in a huge variety are in stock now – find them here.

Apart from restorative materials you can get the best rotary instruments from Dibay, burs and drills from this vendor are all about high performance and reliability. Working with fragile zirconium is no longer an issue if you’re using Zirconia Crown & Bridge Adjustment Burs, as these amazing burs are a perfect fit for working on ceramics. The key benefit about these burs is that they do not produce much heat which greatly contributes to material smoothness, especially if you’re adjusting zirconia crowns or bridges. Zirconia adjustment burs is one of the many modern and effective solutions that our vendors have in stock, explore all the products from our official vendors.

 It’s undoubted that having an opportunity to buy directly from dental supplies companies is  beneficial to reducing your expenses, but here are a few more tips especially for you on how cut your expenses up to 46% from our team of professionals. The very first thing you should do is plan your expenses, plain and simple, this super easy step will allow you to save up to 7-8% on your expenses annually. Another golden rule of purchasing dental supplies is not to purchase anything extra as having too much supplies in stock is just money laying around, note that monthly budgets will do you a lot of good as it’s super easy to control them.

 But, as it was previously mentioned, the most efficient way to reduce your supply expenses is to get your dental products right from the manufacturer as it’s well known that dealers are offering overpriced products (10x-20x times higher than manufacturing price).

 We are Medielf, we’re here to bring you value and provide exclusive customer service. Start shopping right now or get in touch with us via chat or email with a request. If you represent a dental supplies company and you’d like to start selling your products on our website, get in touch with us to register as a vendor.

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Dentist Ville-Pekka Paalasmaa, Finland

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