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  • Maximum strength whitening gel

  • Proprietary formula improves oral health while whitening

  • Contains special ingredients to reduce the risk of sensitivity

  • Clinically proven results

  • Designed with a broader light activation sp...view more

  •  LED light systems may require additional treatment cycles for best results.



Based on the BEYOND™ II Whitening Gel Formula, BEYOND Max10™ Whitening kits are designed with additional catalyst and broader light activation spectrum for use with any light accelerated whitening system.  Each BEYOND Max10™ kit treats ten patients, containing ten 2.6ml dual-barrel syringes of BEYOND’s proprietary 35% H2O2 whitening formula.  BEYOND Max10™ kits also includes ten syringes of BEYOND™ BlueSeal™ Gingival Barrier protection gel , ten VITA® bleached guide paper-guides, multilingual instruction manual, face protection cloths and mixing and dispensing tips. Also available as BEYOND Max5™, as little as $20 per patient. Typical treatment is three, ten-minute cycles with light acceleration.


Step 1: Perform a pre-treatment oral exam and consult with the patient on his or her desired whitening results to determine the best treatment plan for his or her individual situation.   Whitening Treatment

Step 2: Apply lip protection cream and insert the BEYOND FlexiBlue™ Cheek Retractor. Determine the existing tooth shade.

Step 3: Place the protective eye goggles on the patient.

Step 4: Insert cotton rolls on either side of the frenum of the upper and lower lips. Apply extra lip protection cream if necessary.

Step 5: Dry the teeth and gums. Apply the BEYOND BlueSeal™ Gingival Protection. Light cure in a circular motion.

Step 6: Attach the mixing tip to the dual-barrel syringe of whitening gel and apply a 2-3 mm layer of BEYOND Whitening Gel to the dry surface of the teeth.

Step 7: Position the BEYOND™ Whitening Accelerator lamp head at a 90° angle to the patient’s teeth and press the Start button to begin the first ten-minute cycle.

Step 8: At the end of the ten-minute cycle, use dry suction to remove the whitening gel.

DO NOT rinse with water.

Repeat Steps 5-7, two more times for a total of three, ten-minute treatment cycles.  


Step 9: At the end of the last ten-minute cycle, remove the gel, gingival protection, cheek retractor, gauze, and protective eye goggles and ask the patient to rinse his or her mouth with warm water.

Step 10: Show the patient his or her new white tooth shade.  

Important Points to Note

Pregnant women or persons under the age of sixteen are not recommended to undergo the procedure. Terminate the whitening procedure if any patient reports severe tooth sensitivity and remove all whitening gel before treating with fluoride.