Pink Composites – How to Restore the Teeth Proportions for a Patient With Periodontitis/Cost effective

Pink composites for perfect restorations

When it comes to perfect dental restorations and natural tooth structure creation, it’s worth to outline that both “pink” and “white” esthetics are equally important. Pink esthetics play a tremendous role in achievement of better esthetics.

Periodontitis leads to unproportionate teeth with bad width/height ratio in crowns. Using gum colored composite resolves the esthetic problem, as with gum colored fillings the proportions can be managed in a correct way.Once the design is good, there is no retention for bacteria in the composite-enamel seam. Usage of anaxGUM pink composite for replacement of damaged or missing gum tissue is a cost effective durable solution.

ANAXgum pink composites

It’s known that aggressive periodontitis can be treated with two approaches: prosthetic or surgical. Surgical approach can help in achieving esthetic results and proper tissue contours, but it’s mainly effective for reconstructions of small amount of tissue. Moreover, surgical treatment results in high costs, patients discomfort and variable long term results. As the goal for the patient is usually to retain her own teeth, there are not many ways to solve the esthetic problem of disproportionate teeth for a patient with periodontal problems. As the patient is at high risk with periodontal problems, one way to solve the issue is to make gum colored fillings in the gum line to restore the esthetic proportions. Setting up crowns for this kind of risk patient is not the most viable option as the periodontal problems are usually going away with a snap of the finger. Remember, periodontitis is partly genetic, partly environmental and partly behavioral. For this reason, the use of Anaxgum pink composites for esthetic soft tissue restoration is a great and better alternative to surgery.

Benefits of Anaxgum Pink Composites

Anaxgum is really easy to use, it can be scalloped between gingival and teeth with no preparation required. Usage of pink composites for prosthetic restorations of the gingiva can reach more esthetic and better results in comparison than even with bone augmentation with a bone graft. And also Anax pink composites is a high quality alternative for lost tissue reconstruction due to ridge deformities. Anaxgum’s viscosity is designed in a way that is easy to manipulate without composite warmer. But if you like your composite to be more viscous you can try Anaxdent composite warmer.

Gingiva colored composites from Anaxdent can be effectively used for restoring large amount of missing gingival tissue, which solves both, functional and esthetic issues. The main goal when working with this material is creating healthy, comfortable and highly esthetic, close to natural, restoration.

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