CAM materials

Anaxdent CAM products imageIn this product category we apply our demand for high quality as with any other Anaxdent product. Anaxdent offers wide variety of CAM materials from , PMMA or PEKKTON  to blanks out of wax distinguish by utmost quality and composition. Selected and well coordinated milling tools for different CAD/CAM systems complete your supply for an optimum processing of the blanks.

Anaxdent CAM products stand for esthetics, stability and durability.

Temporary Acrylic Products

ANAXDENT temporary acrylic product

New durable temporary material with superior optics…designed for the best in their field.

For more than 14 years now, ambitious dental technicians and dentists all over the world turned to New Outline for highly esthetic temporary restorations with rich hues and dense dentins.The temporary material New Outline was further developed and optimized in a development process of many years.

Thanks to its smart family of components New Outline is a highly versatile system for temporaries (from single crowns up to implant-borne restorations), mock-ups, onlays and secondary dentures as well as for add-ons and repairs. New Outline offers various application and processing possibilities as well as easy handling which makes it the perfect solution for all indications.

According to the indications and to your preference, you may choose from a variety of kits: from the New Outline XS kit allowing a cost-effective way to test the system out, to the popular Starter Kit S, used for basic work with New Outline and up to the Starter Kit XL with its comprehensive color range.

New Outline Dentins

The rich, intensive dentins, available in 14 different colors including opaque dentins, provide a good color stability even in thin areas. If mixed with bonding fluid, this material is ideal for the fixation of denture teeth. Due to its good homogeneity and the high quality of material, New Outline can easily be trimmed and polished.

For cold curing we'd advise you to use New Outline Cold-Curing Liquid for the New Outline powders. Also, take a look at our separator, that keeps all kinds of acrylics and plasters separated, you will love it!

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