Opening a new practice is time consuming and stressful time for a dentist - the bureacracy and the endless amount of thinking, instruments and it is always resource taking, especially if we’re talking money.

Getting dental chair units, composites, dental consumables, hand instruments or dental handpieces from one place is quite tough and even if you manage to find a dealer who will supply you with all the items you need, they will rip you off with the commissions.

How we helped a dentist get better quotes

We are honored to represent you a case where we managed to save our client thousands of dollars on getting supplies for his brand new dental cabinet.

One of our clients contacted us with the following request – he needed dental supplies to open a new dental clinic inAmsterdam, we provided the client with one of our vendor’s quote for the items requested.

The very first thing we did – we helped the client with getting an estimate quote from one of our vendors and the quote from the company we’re not associated. We also gave quotes and, advised him to obtain such items as chair units, dentist stools and assistant stools from the local dealing company in Amsterdam which is not associated with Medielf.

Giving a price and offering to buy from a different company wasn’t financially good move for us, but we strongly believe that giving customers value and professional support is what really matters. And if talking about dental chairs, these require servicing and professional care, for these reasons it’s best to get these from local dealers.

Below you will find a comparative table with prices from Our Vendor (Elexadent) and prices from Big Corporation for a few items from the list.

Products Requested

Medielf Vendor’s Quote

(Elexadent dental company) prices in £ (British pounds)

The Big Corp Price

Prices in €, EUR)

1. Three Complete Dental Units



2. One RX apparatus OPG



3. Operating Program for Dental Practice



4. Six Ultrasound for Oral Hygiene



5. Ten Turbines Sterilizable



6. Apex Locator



7. Six Mobile Curing lights



These are only 7 items from the whole product list our client sent us, and even here you can clearly see how much he saved on buying directly from the dental company and not from the dealer, and it’s not just pennies he saved.

What we have:

A) Quote from Non-Medielf dealer - $86,530.

B) Overall price from our Vendor - $51,287

A little bit of calculation and we can see that the client saved  about$ 35,243

Getting dental supplies from manufacturer or dental company is possible!

With Medielf it becomes much easier, our team is out there for you, we do our best to provide our dental customers with value, high quality and the best prices in the dental market. You can also email us a quote for products, we are here to help.

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Cordially yours,

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