Dental Composites

Dental composites for restorative operations

Anaxblend is a unique, new facing system on composite basis uniting pastes of different hardness with varied filter content (up to 75% porcelain fillers). The paste enamels have a stability and hardness similar to the natural enamel. The innovative fusion opens faster and easier ways of working – no matter if you choose Paste or Flow. Rich, opaque dentin colors and different incisal and transparent materials ensure highly esthetic results.

In addition to layering and modeling anaxblend can also be pressed or injected into anaxform flasks.

Take a look at anaxblend Intro kit , XL kit, anaxblend dentin and enamel flow composites and color sets.

Pink Composites and "Pink Esthetics"

Gingiva-colored composite

Anaxgum is a gingival-colored composite for esthetic reconstruction of the gingiva. Anaxgum was developed in cooperation with Dr. Christian Coachman to match the different hues of the natural gingiva as accurately as possible. It can be applied by the dental technician at the dental lab or directly in the patient’s mouth by the dentists. Anaxgum is the simple way back to a natural appearance of restoration’s “pink esthetics”.

“Pink esthetics” are as important for a perfect dental restoration as the “white esthetics” are for the creation of a natural-looking tooth structure. As anaxgum offers a wide range of applications, there are no limits for the individual reproduction of the patient’s gingiva.

Anaxgum kits Depending on the choice of technique and on your preferences, several kits are available: From Kit S allowing first steps with anaxgum to the popular Kit XL offering a wide range of possibilities up to Kit XXL including Paste and Flow in all colors. Kits S and XL are upgradeable as desired.

Each kit includes a manual written by Dr. Christian Coachman.