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Denture Acrylics

The main aim of the denture acrylic Acryline development was to achieve close-to-nature esthetics of the dentures. The outcome you see is a sophisticated material for denture bases supplied from normal up to very high opacity. Acryline allows to make removable implant-borne restorations or partial dentures with perfectly matching natural gum optics.

Dark gingival areas, tooth necks, and shadows of frameworks can be covered with Acryline pink or Acryline dark pink . Thus, the artificial teeth offer the impression of nice healthy gums in the interproximal areas. Acryline is a universal, cold-curing denture acrylic suitable for all indications in the acrylic technique.

It goes without saying that Acryline is free of cadmium, you can choose from different pink shades: regular, light pink, pink and dark pink. And now let us take a closer look at Acryline products and see what they offer.

So, the first one is Acryline XL Kit , it comprises all precolored materials to give the dentures a “ready-made” individualization. This kit also contains all markers: Pure pigments for a further intensification of the acrylic. Basic acrylics as light pink and the two opaque colors pink and dark pink make this kit a perfect choice to make.

Acryline powders are also worth of taking a look at, for example the crystal-clear Acryline powder ideally serves as a universal material for splints and implant drill guides. The virtually shrink-free material offers absolute stability, a good homogeneity and cures bubble-free. It’s flowable and suitable for injection technique. Apart from clear Acryline powder is available in regular (30% opacity), light pink (50% opacity), pink (80% opacity) and dark pink (80% opacity) colors.

And finally x Acryline Powder Marker set . The set contains five colors to characterize acrylic or to reinforce the intense color, available colors – white , blue , red , yellow and dark red . These are indicated for characterization of full and partial dentures and of combined restorations.

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