G-Cuff direct impression

No matter how accurate is the “machine” it cannot correct the errors of the impression. The most common problem with these impressions is the complexity and the presence of numerous non homogenous parts, such as transfers and analogs. G-Cuff direct impression is an economical and predictable way to achieve high success rate in the most complicated restorations.

Based on a very simple idea yet scientifically supported by clinical and lab results the G-Cuff eliminates the need for impression copings by creating a clean and dry environment in the abutment area. Simply install the abutments, dry out the field and take an impression saving many, time and frustration.

What is a G-Cuff?

G-Cuff for implant operations

It is a simple plastic, conical collar that, provides a mechanical support for the soft tissue surrounding the abutment. GCuff allows taking a standard impression of implant abutments, exactly the same way as it is done on natural teeth.

The intro kit comes with 8 sizes and a fitting gauge for a size selection.GCuff is equipped with plastic tabs for easy carrying the abutments. It is suitable for cement retained restoration as well as for base abutments, screw retained restorations. The G-Cuff kit is universal and fits all implant systems.