Hand Instruments Or Ultrasonic Devices – Which Is Better and Which Is More Efficient?


Nowadays there are dental practices that tend to use hand instruments solely. At the same time most practices stick to ultrasonic devices more, yet most combine the usage of both – dental hand instruments and ultrasonic devices.

Both methods, scaling with hand instruments hand instruments and scaling devices are efficient. However, usage of ultrasonic might be a bit more uncomfortable if a patient has sensitive teeth as it may sting. Even more, if there is periodontitis and loss of horizontal alveolar. So having two of these in your practice and making the best use out of them would be a smart step to make. In our opinion, the greatest flaw with mechanical devices is lack of tactile sensation which hand instruments provide when working with.

As the study on effectiveness of FMSRP and PMSRP in Journal of Periodontology shows, full-mouth scaling and root planing (FMSRP) and partial-moth scaling and root planing (PMSRP) were equally effective in treating chronic periodontitis in subjects with type 2 diabetes, without significant improvements in the glycemic control at 3 and 6 months. Which proves one more time that both, planing with hand instruments and ultrasonic devices are efficient.

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