Home bleaching


One of the foremost advantages of home bleaching is simplicity – the entire process is relatively easy with no cumbersome procedure to be followed. If you take the instance of dental strips such as Crest 3D Professional Whitestrips the entire process of placing them onto your teeth and then eventually looking forward to a pearl white shine on them really could not have been simpler!

Teeth whitening method cost

Additionally, when we look at the cost factor, we find home bleaching of teeth to be truly cost effective; spending very little money, you can look forward to teeth that truly gleam and shine with pristine glory! This point is proven beyond doubt when we look at say the cost of Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips 1 Hour Express 4 treatments – a mere $86.25 gets you a pack of 2 boxes with free shipping whereby within as little as an hour, you can have shiny white teeth! At this cost, and in such a short timeframe, professional teeth bleaching would be very hard to find!


When it comes to home bleaching of teeth, the chemical strength of items involved invariably tends to be much lower. That way, you are assured of less chemical agents coming into contact with your teeth at home, vis-à-vis at a dental facility. Mind you, in both instances, your teeth are likely to be treated with peroxide based bleaching agents. The difference lies in the intensity of these agents, with home bleaching treatments typically involving far lesser strengths of the peroxide concentration.

These are facts that the American Dental Association (ADA) also summed up as a part of its study (Affairs, September 2009 (Revised November 2010)), carried out by the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs.

Professional bleaching


Typically, professional teeth bleaching tend to be far more complex as compared to home bleaching. Firstly, you will need to take an appointment and then ensure your physical presence at the opportune time specified for your teeth bleaching session. This in turn might simply taking time off from other commitments that you may have.

Beyond that, the procedure itself invariably tends to be rather complex. So you need to prepare yourself accordingly to withstand what may well be a long drawn procedure for bleaching your teeth professionally.

Whitening method cost

Be prepared to shell out a lot more for professional teeth bleaching as compared to home bleaching. Of course, this is expected but what comes across as a surprise to most folks is the sheer extent of the difference. For instance, if you take the cost of Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips Supreme FlexFit – $115 with free shipping, a similar treatment undertaken professionally might end up costing you upwards of $1000!

So the important aspect to keep in mind is the cost difference; there is a substantial cost outlay to be accounted for in case of professional bleaching, vis-à-vis home teeth bleaching.

Chemical intensity

Putting things right up front, chemical strength or intensity in case of professional teeth bleaching tends to be a whole lot higher.

At the same time, you need to appreciate some of the factors behind this:

  • Having paid more, customers expect faster, better results.
  • To get faster results, the strength of the chemicals has to be increased.
  • Customers are putting in time and effort to come in to the dental facility for teeth bleaching; the professionals there in turn want to give their customers the best possible results whereby they end up offering higher intensity chemicals which give them faster, better results, viz. shinier, whiter teeth.


As we mentioned right up front, both home and professional bleaching have their respective advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it is up to the end customer which approach they would prefer to opt for. At the same time, if you take a composite picture, it is quite clearly the home teeth bleaching option that comes up trumps as a whole for most common folks with regular teeth whitening needs.

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