The Causes of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Halitosis is a very common condition among 50% of general population, in 9 cases out of 10 it is caused by oral cavity, temperatures in oral cavity may reach 37°C, also during oral exhaling humidity level can reach 96% - these factors contribute to growth of the bacteria. Apart from oral cavity halitosis can be rarely caused by non-oral factors such as gastrointestinal or respiratory system. Halitosis brings major discomfort and affects patient’s daily life.

Factors that cause halitosis are numerous: food debris, accumulated plaque on the teeth and tongue, also inflammation of gingival tissues and gastrointestinal problems can be the resource of bad mouth odor. However, the key factor that’s causing halitosis is bad oral hygiene.

Getting Rid Of Halitosis is Easy or is it?

As it was previously mentioned halitosis has a negative impact on social life, it is often that the person who has halitosis avoids socializing and sometimes even talking to people. Sometimes people think that they have bad breath even though they don’t, this condition is called “halitophobia.” It’s always best to ask a friend or a relative if you have bad breath or not.

Despite bad breath causes major discomfort, it still can be managed the best way to get rid of halitosis is proper oral hygiene. And one of proper approaches is to use dental care products that are specifically designed for halitosis treatment, like Tetrobreath System Plus. Regular products like mints, chewing gum and sprays do not kill bacteria which cause halitosis, they will only decrease or mask the bad odor. In such case, halitosis will reoccur as there are still bacteria that are causing it.

Right Oral Hygiene Is the Key

There are plenty of products in the dental market that treat halitosis, most of products are designed at eliminating the bacteria, which is similar to antibiotics effect. Usage of such aggressive medicine damages oral flora, for this reason use of such products requires a break for 6-8 weeks for flora regeneration. Within this break bacteria causing halitosis are most likely to recur.

For efficient and complete halitosis treatment usage of dental care products that don’t make damage to patient’s mouth flora is advised. One of the best solutions would be usage of Tetro Breath dental care products, as they have smooth effect on patient’s mouth flora. Oral rinses and tooth gels from Tetro Breath contain high dosage of oxygen which fights cavity by preventing bacteria from multiplying. The main advantage is that with usage of these products no break is required, which allows to get rid off halitosis completely. In addition to that, proper flossing and brushing technique contributes to removal of bad odor.

For better and efficient treatment of halitosis it’s recommended to use Tetrobreath Tooth Gel, it contains molecules that penetrate deeply between the tongue papillae, the gel can be applied on dental floss, toothbrush or tongue cleaner. Extra strong cleaning effect can be achieved with Tetrobreath System Plus it contains oral rinse, toothpaste and tongue cleaner that are perfect tools for improving your patient’s oral hygiene. Also, all Tetrobreath products do not contain sugar, saccharin, artificial pigments and alcohol, which prevent patient’s mouth from drying.

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