How to Save 47.3% on Dental Supplies

Dental supplies

Hi fellow dentist, my skilled associates and I have now built a site where you can buy dental supplies and equipment  directly from manufacturers.

We already have 1300+ products there. And it will only get better. I am turning to you for helping our cause! Let’s put a stop together for constantly increasing dental costs. As a dentist you are smart enough to understand. I know you are. If you share our vision this is how you can help, just keep on reading.

Get Dental Supplies from Manufacturer Now

We have plenty of high quality products you can choose from. We’re proud to offer Gingiva Colored Composites from our German vendor Anaxdent. Gingiva colored composites from Anaxdent can be effectively used for restoring large amount of missing gingival tissue, which solves both, functional and esthetic issues. The main goal when working with this material is creating healthy, comfortable and highly esthetic, close to natural, restoration. Click here to get Pink Composites. You can also find more products from Anaxdent by clicking this link.

If you opt for quality and ultimate performance when fabricating zirconia crowns and bridges, zirconia burs from Dibay are just for you! Unlike regular burs, these Zirconia Crown & Bridge Adjustment Burs will be the solution for smooth surface, these burs are specifically designed for processing ceramics. One of the most distinctive features is that Dibay Zirconia Burs do not generate too much heat, which helps to keep surface smooth. You can buy Zirconia Burs by following this link! To explore more amazing products by Dibay, such as burs, drills, implants and more click here. Also, Dibay offers really attractive shipping prices, you will thank us later!

Your disposable and consumable supplies are running low? We’re here to help! We’ve got it all for you: face masks, patient bibs and lots of other good stuff. Special offer just for YOU – click here to get 5,000 cotton rolls from our UK vendor for a mere price of $43.00! We also highly recommend Rolence Light Cure from Elexadent, UK quality is guaranteed. You can get this product by clicking here.

Affordable Shipping – Get It!

Expensive shipping costs is no longer an issue, these vendors have set REALLY attractive shipping prices just for you. Check them out: German quality lab supplies from Anaxdent dental implants, burs and drills from Dibay handpieces, disposables and hand instruments from Elexadent and oral care products for your patients from Tetro Breath (Germany). If you are looking for a bigger choice of dental supplies, you can find our catalog by clicking here. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need help, our Medielf team is always out there for you!

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