Cleaning Your Clogged Handpiece How To Do It?

Minor repairs are always better to be done with your own hands, rather than wasting time and money for a repair shop. If your handpiece water line got clogged, just read on to learn how to do it. You can solve most of water line issues with a metal string and a tool, that can be purchased in any supply store.

How to Identify the Clog?

In most handpieces, the water gets clogged in the tip of the handpiece where you attach the bur bits. So the only thing you need to do here is to put in the wire half an inch deep for achieving expected result.

Clearing Single and Multi-Port Handpieces

The amount of spray ports play quite important role in handpiece water line clearing, here’s what you should keep in mind. Water line in single port handpiece is really easy to clean because there’s single tube through which water flows from start to finish, you can use the string here, and be sure that all the obstructions will be removed. But with multi-port handpieces (KaVo, NSK, Adec etc) it’s a different story, water enters through a single line but further it mixes with air in a ring header before it exits the head of the handpiece. In these cases cleaning out the water line entirely is impossible. Although you may achieve some small win here. In these cases it may be worthwhile to think of buying a new handpiece from Elexadent <anchor> as your hourly wage does not ratify repairing old stuff.

However, it should be noted that exit ports get clogged most of the time, and the approach described above can be easily applied to water line cleaning and this will definitely help you to avoid brining your handpiece in a long trip to the repair shop!

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