Tips On How To Fix Your Dental Handpiece

You have noticed that your handpiece starts running noticeably slow or even completely stopped operating? There is a reason for your handpiece malfunction and we are in the field of diagnostics and fixing stuff. It may be only dust or powder stuck inside the instrument.

Universal handpiece oil spray is an effective way for removal of these obstructing particles which let rotating parts functionalize properly. Also usage of handpiece oil spray works as a good way for lubricating, as it helps to moisturize the working parts and expel extra moisture in the handpiece.

Is This Method 100% Effective?

It’s obvious that there’s no guarantee that lubricating your handpiece will stop it from breaking, but it will contribute to handpiece breakdown prevention. Think of it as a way to avoid unwanted repairs of your instrument.

How to Fix Handpiece Fast

Handpiece repairing

Step I. Take off your handpiece from dental delivery unit.

Step II. Put oil spray in air intake opening, put it just enough until you see oil coming out of the water spray opening.

Step III. Repeat the process and spray the oil in the exhaust opening until it reaches intake opening.

Step IV. Attach dental handpiece to the dental delivery unit and let it run for about 30 seconds.

Step V. Be sure to repeat this procedure as many times as necessary, until you see improvement in your slow handpiece work. There’s no harm in repeating the process.

Step VI. Once your runs normally and sounds good, be sure to clean low speed handpiece with alcohol before using it again.

And now you are all set, your slow handpiece should be back to normal now. If using handpiece oil spray hasn’t brought you desired results, better stay on the safe side and refer to repair shop.


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