Silicones for Ultimate Dental Experience

Silicone for dental impressions

A good silicone material goes under the skin – or even better: behind the skin! But what we know is that these silicones are the best we could find – and they are even “made in Germany”. MATRIX silicones deliver a faithful and bright representation even of shiny surfaces. At the same time, processing is excellent. For temporaries, dentures, and transfer templates you need high precision silicones that offer accurate fir. By cooperating with technicians Anaxdent managed to develop new products for diverse indications.

Take a look at Matrix Cast 22 Clear and Matrix Cast 26 Orange , we recommend the use of Matrix Cast Clear for the production of the composite restorations and Matrix Cast Orange can functionalize as a universal silicone, its Shore hardness makes it easy to divest with the models.

You will also like Matrix Form 60 , the high amount of silicone oil in the materials prevents rim from dying out: so it remains dimensionally stable for several months. And with Matrix Form 70 even high temperatures (200 °C) cannot harm this silicone.

Anaxblend Divorce is used to separate silicone from silicone and Dispenser Gun being suitable for all materials this gun accommodates 1:1. 2:2, 4:1, or 10:1 – no more digging for the right gun: just change the plunger/holder and continue. The gun has an ergonomic shape and easy to clean surface. You can find more information about Anax products HERE.

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