Tissue Trimming for a Patient with Gingival Fibromatosis

Ceramic tissue trimmer

Gingival fibromatosis is characterized by overgrowth of gingival tissue and elements of connective tissue. Mainly gingival fibromatosis is classified in localized and generalized forms. The overgrowth of the gingiva usually occurs when the eruption of permanent teeth takes place, the gingival tissue has firm and leathery texture, covering partial or entire surface of lower and/or upper teeth. In such cases, gingivectomy is planned.

Gingivoplasty with Ceramic Tissue Trimmer

The patient is operated under anesthesia, during the first operational stage, an external gingivectomy incision is made with periodontal knives, after that needless tissue is removed with curettes. The final stage is the most crucial – gingivoplasty with the tissue trimmer attached to the fast handpiece. For efficient gingival trimming it’s best to use Ceramic Tissue Trimmer from Dibay (Israel), choose between Long and Short trimmers, depending on your need. Ceramic tissue trimmer Ceramic tissue trimmer should be used at full handpiece speed, this guarantees productive and accurate trimming of the soft tissue. Gingivectomy is used as a perfect strategy for better esthetic results.

Post Operative Treatment

After the operation is complete, post operative instructions should be given to the patient. For complete gingival fibromatosis treatment and avoiding its reoccurrence, leftover soft tissue should be sent for histopathological analysis. This will give final diagnosis for gingival fibromatosis and help to adjust the post operative instructions so that the patient could regain optimal oral health level.

Benefits of Ceramic Tissue Trimmers

Gingival fibromatosis requires immediate surgical treatment, postponement of treatment may lead to undesirable consequences. Such as unpleasant esthetic effects, speech difficulties, teeth eruption delay and patients feeling of discomfort, which might be the ground for psychological problems. Fortunately, gingival fibromatosis can be treated with a wide number of operations. However treatment of this disease depends from its complexity level. Nowadays, gingivectomy with Ceramic Tissue Trimmer is considered to be on of the most effective methods in renewing the esthetics of the soft tissue. Dibay ceramic tissue trimmers have very little risk of overheating, despite high handpiece torque, and it also accurately trims soft tissue with minimal bleeding rate.

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