X-Ray Acrylics

X-ray acrlylics

With the x-ray acrylics, you can make your implantological diagnostics visible in medical and cone beam CT units. Thanks to the accurate preparation, the possible position of the implant can be planned and perfectly determined in the preoperative stage. Now, the number of abutments can be increased depending on the anatomical, functional and esthetical situation.

The first one on the list is Acryline X-Ray Powder, it’s designed for scanning appliances for medical CT units. The ideal mixture of barium sulfate in Acryline X-ray gives the acrylic radiopacity without creating artefacts in the images. You might also take a look at Acryline X-ray DVT Powder which in its turn is made for making scanning appliances for DVT units, unlike the powder presented before.

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