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Personal Protection

If you visited Medielf before, you`re already aware of our choice of consumable products and you should be also aware of the fact that we never compromise on quality, you can be sure of it. It doesn`t matter what type of gloves you need we have it all in stock: nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves. But actually, the type of gloves doesn`t really matter much, the main key is top quality material. We collected medical disposable gloves from the most trusted glove manufacturers in the market. All the gloves are ISO certified and are available in all the sizes, starting with Extra Small and ending up with Extra Large.

Other important criteria in choosing the best dental gloves are comfort and ergonomics. If talking about dentistry, nitrile gloves would be the best pick here as you need to be sure that you are in complete control of your instruments. Dental gloves from Medielf provide you with firm grip so your handpiece or any other instrument won`t slip. Usualy we sell our gloves in small boxes of 200,400 or 500 gloves in each box, but we also sell gloves in bulk. Take at look at this special offer — 100,000 gloves with a 13% discount. Do you want to make a bulk order? Let us know and we will give a you a nice discount from the manufacturer, you can reach out to us via email, phone or live chat.

As you can see we`re pretty stocked with gloves of all sorts, but in addition to gloves we are offering you other personal protection equipment, like ear loop face masks you can get 200 masks now for $36 only, we guarantee cheap and fast shipping to your destination. All the products in this subcategory are supplied from UK, USA, and European vendors, we do our best to keep our stocks up-to-date so that you could get the newest and the best consumable supplies. Take a look at our handpieces, drills, burs and products for dental restorations you will definitely find something worthy!

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High quality personal protection products are gathered in this category. We offer you a wide range of face masks and gloves of all sizes.

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