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  When it comes to using dental gloves we, as dental specialists, know when to use them, but let us cover the basics just one more time. Disposable dental gloves are used for protection of a patient as well as of the dentist from infection during dental operations. Gloves are made of diverse materials: latex, nitrile and vinyl. There is also a distinction between sterile and unsterile gloves, unsterile gloves are usually distributed in packages of huge quantities, and they are a perfect fit for tasks and operations that do not require sterility. Sterile gloves, on the other hand, are packed individually and should be used during dental surgical procedures, the very important stage of using sterile gloves is putting them on in a proper way. The right way to put on sterile gloves is to avoid touching the exterior surface of gloves with your fingers as this would compromise sterility. Often, unsterile gloves are sprayed with a disinfectant prior to surgery however this should not be considered an alternative to sterile gloves.

 Not wearing gloves during dental operations or examinations causes reduced skin protection against germs, but what is more important, the dentist might contaminate the patient if he’s not wearing gloves.

 The gloveless age of dentistry has passed away long time ago, now dental practices have latex and nitrile gloves at their disposal. Using dental gloves doesn’t only protect you and your patient but it also lets you to operate properly and hold your instruments firmly, if the gloves are of high quality. It is always better to have plenty of dental gloves in your stock, and here’s the core reason…

 How many medical disposable gloves do you use per day? With dentists it’s a bit more complex than with physicians for instance, the number of dental patients may go up to 40 people a day. Mostly a dentist would use 36 pairs of gloves for each patient, but it still can be more depending on many factors. But we’re talking about only one dentist, what about the whole dental practice?! Usage of medical gloves in a dental practice may exceed 120 pairs a day! And when it comes to such great numbers we bet that you wouldn’t like to save on gloves quality, and we’re here to help you out!

 In the presented category you will find vinyl, latex and nitrile dental gloves in case if you or your associates are allergic to latex. You can get as many gloves as you want, as we have all the sizes and a huge choice of volumes starting with 100 pairs and up to boxes of 500 pairs. And the most pleasant thing about our gloves is that they’re made of high quality material and the prices are super attractive. Take your chance now and get your box of dental gloves with opportunity of free shipping just now!

  We’d like to stress out the uniqueness of our nitrile gloves, as their significance lies in eliminating latex allergy and they are also perfectly resistant to punctures. Ambidextrous shape and textured surface makes these gloves a perfect fit for performing accurate movements and it also allows a firm perfect grip. All the gloves are manufactured according to European standard, so we guarantee top quality for you.

  Feel free to purchase our dental gloves right from the website by just clicking “Buy” or get in touch with us via live chat or email and our managers will guide you and help you out with your order! Glove up with Medielf!

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