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Dental Care Products

Our products are available for everyone, dentists or regular customers just like you! Medielf is one of the best places where you can get affordable dental care products online you do not even have to leave your house or office to get top quality toothpastes, whitening products, dental floss and lots of other good stuff!

It is all up to you here, you can choose everything up to your liking, you can start off with dental home care products. As it’s known home whitening isn’t as effective as professional whitening, but it is still a worthy alternative. BEYOND STAYWHITE Whitening Systemand Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips have already proved their efficacy in home whitening sessions. All home whitening kits are equipped with easy to follow instructions. 

But if you’re looking for more advanced and effective ways to keep your dental health at the top level, we’d suggest you try our wide range of mouthwashes from American and European manufacturers. Here’s what you should take into consideration when picking the right mouthwash, there are tons and tons of mouthwashes to choose from in the dental care market nowadays, but even here it becomes tricky when choosing a proper mouthwash. Why?

Mouthwashes vary depending on what you use them for. Having fresh breath – is one of the reasons why many people choose mouthwash, but plenty mouthwashes contain alcohol which makes the mouth dry. Suffering from the dry mouth may result in gum disease or can be a cause of tooth decay.

But if you long for fresh breath we advise to go for natural flavored BEYOND dental gum, this is tested and proven method to retrieve fresh breath. Apart from having fresh breath, mouthwash can be also used as a part of gingivitis treatment. In this situation, it would be best to pick antiseptic mouthwash.

Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash 

Absolutely! Mouthwashes can be always used as an effective way to keep your mouth healthy and clean. In this case BEYOND restoring whitening mouthwash would be a great choice, it serves as a perfect tool for enamel strengthening, also hydrogen peroxide mouthwash can be used for dissolving stains. It should be also noted that hydrogen peroxide concentration in these mouthwashes is safe and it is safe to use at home, it’s also efficient. BEYOND restoring whitening mouthwash includes ingredients that contribute to enamel strengthening. 

In our range of dental care products you will also find plenty of decent dental flosses from UK and Israel companies. We’re aware that some people do floss and some do not, but there are also dentists who’re having a great struggle with the patients who refuse to floss.

Dental Floss vs. Plaque

There is a way to turn your patients to dental floss usage, as flossing works perfectly for plaque removal, Xspand Dental Floss works exclusively well for this purpose.

When plaque is not removed on time it hardens and transforms in tartar. Tartar is the worst case scenario for your patient since he won’t be able to get rid of it on his own because, as you know, it can be removed only with specific dental instruments.

You also could recommend your patientsiDontix X-Ribbon® Extreme Dental Floss that is not only efficient in removing plaque, but it also reduces bleeding.  For cleaning bridges, implants, implant bars and braces it is best to use threaded dental floss like  iDontix X-Threaders, threaded dental floss is amazing to use because it’s easily controlled and it allows to floss in hard to reach areas.

The dental care means are numerous, it’s never too late to try something new and improve your patients daily oral care routine. The only thing that matters is excellent oral health of your patients!

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