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CAM materials

Buy pmma dental

And now we have come to the good thing – CAM materials and PMMA dental material, here we also opt for nothing but top quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Our PMMA and PEKKTON wax blanks are distinguishable due to ultimate composition and highest quality.
Let’s get it started, we have a big choice of blanks in store for you! Take PMMA multi blanks for a starter, these will give you 100% esthetic result in CAD/CAM. We have also prepared PMMA combo blanks that are used for temporaries and mock-ups.
And using PMMA gradient pucks will guarantee you long lasting high quality bridges and crowns. Multiple shades are available, you only need to choose what fits you most!
Our marketplace is here to help you out and escape overpriced dental supplies, we have worked long and hard to gather world’s greatest and biggest dental manufacturers and companies for you. It’s all here in one place – at Medielf. We believe that we can change the dental market for the better, we believe that you deserve high quality dental lab supplies at a fair price! And that’s not the end, apart from really attractive prices we are bringing you quick and cheap worldwide shipping!
Do not delay any longer, bring the change to your dental practice today!

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