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Denture Acrylic

Acrylic denture material

You thought that it cannot get any further? But here’s what – it definitely can! We are continuing on growing our huge catalog of lab supplies! And in this category we have gathered tons of denture acrylic from elite German manufacturer! This is definitely worth of looking at, just look at this monster – the kit that has the ultimate amount of acrylic denture base material, it contains the materials which make the acrylics even more intense. Check out the Acryline XL Kit right now.
The manufacturer, Anaxdent (Germany), tried their hardest to get as close to 100% esthetic looks as possible when creating the Acryline acrylics. And the aim was reached – Acryline brings you the most esthetic looks of dentures ever! Moreover, this awesome material allows making partial dentures as well as implant-borne restorations. This is a universal denture acrylic which is a perfect fit for all the indications.
All the denture acrylics are available in 5 shades (5%-80% opacity), the main advantage of the acrylic is that it meets all the requirements for pink esthetics. In addition to all this, we have acryline veins in stock as well – for even greater natural esthetics level! These are used for reproducing veins on the gum tissue. You think it’s enough? We say no, as we are bringing you an opportunity to add more customization to your dentures. Use yellow, red, blue, dark red and white colors for pigmenting and making all the details on your restorations or partial dentures perfect. Welcome to our magical marketplace, where highly esthetic restorations and high quality matters. Get in touch with our support agents for more info!

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