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Facing Materials

Dental facing materials

Here’s what we are proud of – our MASSIVE catalog of dental filling materials! Here you will find all the possible colors and shades of dental composite resins, please also bear in mind that these are manufactured in Germany, and that means all the composite fillings are 100% good. Just like our pink composites resemble natural gum tissue, our paste composites have hardness and stability just real enamel. Our composite syringes have diverse porcelain fillers volume – up to 75%, choosing the one you need!
It’s needless to say that paste and flow composites are really quick and easy to work with, by the way using them along with the composite warmers will make the work with them even more pleasant. The composite fillings are right within your grasp, waiting for you in diverse shades & colors, and are made of high quality material, you can see it by the highly aesthetic results you get when working.
If you’re new to using our composites, we suggest you start with a few single syringes so that you could be sure of the efficiency these little composites can deliver. But in case you have already used and tested these amazing German composites, we are bringing the Anaxblend S Flow Kit, this is the best choice to start exploring the world of the composites deeper.
We have also prepared big syringes with dentin for you, for your work with the flask systems, to make the insertion of the dentin into the flasks easier we are offering to use our dispensing gun – fill it all up faster and easier, your time is too precious for loading the syringes manually!
All the composites easily controllable and they will stay right there were you want them to be. Do not waste a minute longer - get some composite goodness to your practice right now. We’re here to help you out and improve your day-to-day routine.

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