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Flask Systems

Dental flask system

A perfect silicone should be used along with perfect flask system, which delivers highly accurate result. Our dental flask systems types vary depending on indication. For instance, metal flasks are a perfect match for making duplicates of dentures and temporaries really quick, this magical device gives you an opportunity of making 100% perfect duplications. On the other hand we are also having universal flask dental systems in stock, all of them are equipped with a transparent lid which allows you to apply composites or acrylics right away. To add even more awesomeness to these outstanding flasks we are offering ultimately affordable DHL shipping to any country with super low rates. Accurate duplications are really easy to make, the solution is right at your fingertips! Bring our flasks into your practice today. And especially for you we have compiled this ultimate kit for making impressions, duplications and lots of other things – meet the Extreme Prothetik Kit, it contains the flask systems, base silicone, syringe for injections, mixing tips – everything you need is right here, in this kit. 

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