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Pink Composites

Pink dental composite

Dental tooth restoration is no longer a miracle for the dental professionals there are multiple manufacturers who produce composites that are designed for restoring dentin… But what if we told you that it is entirely possible to restore the gum tissue? That’s what our pink composites are made for – customizing partial/full dentures and even completely restoring the gingival tissue! The key advantage of these composites is to bring aesthetic to your day-to-day restorations. Anaxgum pink composite matches the color of human gum tissue, in addition to this outstanding feature we have prepared  6 different shades of pink to make the range of indications even greater.

Our pink dental composites are available in sets as well as individual syringes, all the kits come along with application tips. Just like regular composites, our “pinkies” are available in 2 different forms – flow and paste. Efficiency of the composites was proved by multiple clinical studies and researches. For instance, treating gingivitis with these composites will deliver outstanding and natural looking final result. There’s nothing much left to say, you should see it for yourself. Get the most out of the restorations in a new way, the “pink” way! Drop us an email if you’d like to get additional information about the product or get a special quote for a big number of composites.

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