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Dental silicones

Welcome to our silicon valley! Well, it’s literary a valley of dental silicones, we’re here to meet all of your needs. All the dental silicones  are supplied by elite German company (Anaxdent). Here you will find silicones for making the most accurate first impressions as well.  Anax silicone is one of the best dental silicone impression material you will find in the dental market as it keeps its shape for months after you take an impression. All of the silicones can be used for making highly accurate dentures or for temporaries, it’s a fact that our silicones guarantee a perfect fit, so you should definitely try them out.  Our silicones are also not afraid of high temperatures (up to 200 degrees!) and are up to any challenge you have prepared. Working with this material is nothing but a pure pleasure. In case you would need to separate a silicone from silicone, we’re to use the silicone Divorce, it provides an accurate division of your silicones. Make sure you constantly check in with our supply as we’re regularly updating the stock.

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