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Temporary Acrylic

Temporary acrylic materials

And right after denture acrylic, our temporary acrylic materials are on their way to your dental practice! Behold, as we have prepared something really special for you, get ready for really low prices, as we are giving you the best lab supplies right from dental manufacturers, world’s famous and our most trusted vendors.
First one to go is the New Outline temporary acrylic, it’s specially designed for being used for repairs, mock-ups and plenty of other indications. The one but not the last amazing thing about this material is that it can be processed via casting or injection, or also you can use it for milling CAD (as well as CAM restorations). Some of the products in this category can be applied right in the mouth.
High quality dentins can also be found in this category, get ready as these are available in fourteen colors. The material is homogeneous and delivers extreme stability of colors. For one more time we are proving that we’re doing our best to bring esthetics to your dental practice. A great number of technicians are already using and benefiting from our acrylics. This is the product that has been improved and perfected over the years, and now it’s here for you.
If you would like to purchase bigger volumes of temporary acrylics, simply get in touch with our support team and we will help you out! You can count on our promptness and professionalism. Thanks for stopping by!

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