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Endy NT2

Endy NT2

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ENDY NT2 is a stand alone micromotor with light intended for the root canal préparation with Nickel Titanium files.

A holder with white Led is positioned Under the contra angle’s head to lighten the operating field.

The micromotor spe...view more



ENDY NT2 has 10 memories in which you can program yourself the torque and speed values corresponding to your file manufacturer parameters.

ENDY NT2 has an auto reverse when the selected torque is reached. The motor stops, followed by a short slow speed reverse opération to enable you to clear the instrument. When the motor is operating, the force applied to the file is visible in real time on the 9 indicators of the torque light bar ( tq). The Auto Reverse function can be deselected.

The unit fuctions with a Li-ion 3,7V battery. It is fully autonomous.

Advantage of the product : Its ergonomy, autonomy. Its weight : 135 g