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Dental Equipment of Any Complexity - for the Best Price

  In the presented category of our dental marketplace you will find a vast choice of high quality dental equipment and dental lab equipment which is provided by our vendors. We’re not cooperating with dental equipment dealers as all of our vendors are either dental companies or dental equipment manufacturers. We’re offering you a broad catalog of new dental equipment.  

  Feel free to choose anything starting from dental curing lights, composite warmers and finishing with hi-tech dental chairs. Having a luxurious and  highly comfortable dental chair is a must for each dental specialists. Take a look at our dental chairs from our loyal vendor fromUK– Elexadent. Dental chair units from Elexadent are recognized for topnotch quality and ultimate value in modern dental market. Each of the chair units is equipped with high quality European components. Apart from all this each chair is equipped with pneumatic foot control, distilled water system (volume depends on the model)  and in addition each chair unit has completely electromechanical lifting and movement of backrest which allows to set chair for spit position, reset the chair to “O” position etc.

  When using your dental chair unit do not forget to replace your amalgam separator annually which is highly recommended, and even here our vendors have a brilliant solution, you can buy Metasys ECO II Exchange container for a mere price of $287 now with free shipping opportunity from Elexadent.

  Are you having a hard time when using your composites due to it’s high viscosity? We bet that you do as many other dental specialists in dental field. However it it possible to lower your composite viscosity and make composite injection much easier which saves your precious time. Composite Warmers from our German vendor Anaxdent are just meant for this amazing purpose – making your work with composites easier and not tiring. You can choose between big or small composite warmers, it all depends on how many syringes you want to warm up. As it is well known warming up restorative composite a bit higher than body temperature highly improves cure depth and moreover, it also reduces composite curing time up to 50%. Also, pre-warmed dental composite is more resistant to fractures than not warmed up composite, this is extremely useful for large posterior restorative operations. Take your work with composites to a new and higher level by purchasing our dental composites. You will thank us later!

  As for curing lights feel free to choose among our curing lights range, we’d like to recommend you to get Rolence Light Cure for more efficient and fast curing, this handpiece can be used cordlessly as well as connected to the power. Here you will also find classic curing lights available in diverse colors.

  We are proud to present a unique product manufactured in Canada – Laser Aligner, an exclusive and unique system which is used for planning implant placement, it can be featured in dental office as well as in dental lab, please note that one of it’s key benefits is that it can conduct single or multiple surgery operations.

  All of the products are available with exclusive affordable fast shipping. Get your dental equipment supplies straight from the manufacturer by shopping with us. We offer competitive prices and high quality which you will appreciate.

  For more information about our dental equipment feel free to get in touch with us via chat/email or get in touch right with our vendor by sending a direct message. Please, do not forget to leave you reviews.

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