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Full Denture Finish

Full Denture Finish

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Full Denture Finish


How To Order:

Send the impressions (impressions of both jaws and an index. Be aware to use materials such as polyvinyl siloxane in order to avoid distortions as the shipping takes time and impressions may be subject to temperature and pressure changes.

1. Buy a product you want to have

2. Take impressions

3. Write the instructions of the work and include it with the impressions. To make things run smoothly take a copy of the order receipt.

4. Deliver the impressions to us (Lab address here).

5. We will send you the work. Please leave a feedback after receiving the product so that other dentists feel more secure to order from us.

PLEASE NOTE: you may be subject to import taxes etc. depending on your country’s legislation.

Also, the price does not include the cost of the delivery.