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GEMINI Teeth Whitening Accelerator

GEMINI Teeth Whitening Accelerator

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Highly efficient whitening accelerator Used for cleaning stained teeth, removes stains based by red wine, smoking and coffee. It makes it possible to make teeth look 6-8 shades whiter. Easily rechargeable with USB



Gemini™ Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition

Revolutionize your teeth in just 1 Hour!

  • Next generation LED for maximum acceleration.
  • No sensitivity.
  • Removes years of stains caused by coffee, red wine and smoking. 6 to 8 shade improvements´╝ü
  • Embedded magnets line light to tray for a perfect fit every time.
  • Simply rechargeable via USB or outlet.
  • Clinically proven to kill germs.
  • Refill kits available for continued maintenance!

BEYOND® Dental & Health is proud to announce a partnership with Dental Care For Children in providing donations through the sales of their new Gemini™ Teeth Whitening Accelerator to assist them in providing dental care for children in need around the world.