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Quality Dental Handpieces Directly from Manufacturers


Our store is giving you an amazingly huge choice of handpieces of all sorts from UK and Chinese manufacturers. Fast or slow handpieces – we have it all! If you’re looking for extreme performance and  economical energy usage at the same time, you should definitely take a look at the Thalia High Speed handpiece, it’s ultimate high torque makes it definitely stand out of the rest of electric dental handpieces in our range. But this is not the only elite high speed handpiece we have, you would be also attracted by Bravia turbine, it works best when used with Gyroflex or Multiflex couplings.


Here are a few tips for you on how to pick the right high speed handpiece. Most of  handpiece manufacturers tend to have swivel connection type in their products. Swivel connects are great because using them causes less hand stress and makes handpiece easier to control. With these you should remember the cost factor - swivel couplers appear to be quite pricy. 


A few words about bur cooling, a good high speed handpiece must have acceptable bur cooling, and in this case multi port spray would be a good option to choose. High speed handpieces possess peripheral bur cooling which has plenty positive impacts. One of them is peripheral cooling prevents the bur shaft from heating up, which averts turbine being damaged.


2 Year Warranty = High Quality Handpiece  Guarantee 


It’s not a secret, that warranty should be considered when purchasing any product, 1 year warranty works out well for most of the products, but not for handpieces. 1 year warranty is sort of pointless because handpiece body is likely to last a lot longer than 1 year, however 1 year warranty for turbine is a fair deal. When purchasing fast handpiece you should aim for 1 year warranty at least, 2 would be way better, and also keeping record of the purchase will help you.


Handpiece Shape Matters!


It has been previously mentioned that present-day handpieces are designed to reduce hand stress, but there’s one thing you should remember, attractive curve shaped handpiece bodies are not always a good choice if talking about ergonomics. The main point is that these curves you love, they need longer water and air lines, every turn in these lines slightly reduces efficiency and even increases chances of water/air lines clogging. However the shape factor is not that crucial, just be sure to consider it when getting a fast handpiece.


In our catalog you will also find regular and low speed handpieces, in case you would like to have your standard and low speed handpiece together we have prepare an attractive offer for you, get a complete kit of high & low speed handpiece for $187 only!


In our catalog you will find the best dental handpieces in the market, and all of them are made of everlasting material but even the  most expensive handpieces must be constantly oiled, the handpiece oil covers all the handpiece details which improves the performance and helps your handpiece work much longer. You can get handpiece oil spray right here for $17 only, for such a  modest fare you will ensure that your handpiece will serve you long and well.

We offer you a great choice of top quality dental handpieces from our leading vendors (Elexadent, UK & Navadha, India) at an affordable price. In this category you will also find handpiece motors, handpiece replacement and handpiece lubrication.