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Handpieces & Attachments

If you`re looking for the right handpiece, you have come to the right place! Our dental marketplace provides an extensive choice of handpiece models and attachments. We have any handpiece you might want, and even if it`s not in our catalog we will get it for you within a few days! Just take a look at our ceramic dental highspeed handpiece by Mectron for piezo surgery, you will love it.

Apart from ceramic handpieces we have fiber optic handpieces with enormous speed up to 450k rounds per minute! To keep the handpiece working properly and reduce overheat these handpieces are equipped with four water spray channels, fiber optic handpiece is a great choice if you opt for speed and accuracy. All of our high speed handpieces are CE certified and can be shipped to any coyntry in the world.

We told you that we have some more of the good stuff? That`s right, high speed handpieces are very good for cutting at top speeds but sometimes you need to be careful with the speed if you don`t want fragile material to crack, this is when low speed dental handpieces kick in! These handpieces speed up to 22k rounds per minute which is just enough for well targeted and accurate cutting, these handpieces are really good to work with and easy to control. Right here with the low speed handpieces you can get air motor and other spare parts to your handpieces, moreover you can save up to 15% if you buy one of our dental electric handpiece kits. Get in touch with our support team via email or live chat if you`d want to know more about the handpiece kits and other special offers that we have prepared for you.

In case you`re working with a tight budget, we have amazing standard handpieces, push button type ones, standard handpieces can speed up to 360k rounds per minute, this is a perfect value for money option. Such handpiece would cost you $50 only, 1 year product guarantee is included. And here comes our final surprise for you, we do our best to pack and ship your order within 10 days frame.

What to do if you did not find the handpiece you were looking for?

No worries, simply drop us an email or get in touch with the live chat support agent and we will do our best to source the product you need within 7 days or less!

Here you will find a great choice of top quality dental handpieces from our leading vendors (Elexadent, UK & Navadha, India) at an affordable price. We offer you pllenty of slow/fast handpiece models for additional product information contact our vendors.

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