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  In the presented category you will find an extensive catalog of dental drills from our top rated vendors. You will love our drills! We have been stacking up these amazing products just for you. Here you will find all the possible types of drills: twisted drills that are available with 6mm-16mm depth marking, solid drill stoppers of diverse sizes and diameters.

  Our twisted dental drills will be a perfect fit for you handpiece as they have perfectly polished stainless surface and unique shape which results in efficient and smooth cutting, moreover these drills are highly long lasting and will serve you well. If in past you were experiencing over-drilling issues we’re here to give you a helping hand! Buy our solid drill stoppers now (choose any diameter you like). The most exciting part about drill stoppers is that with the hollow part in the stopper will gather all the bone debris which you get when drilling, isn’t that amazing? You can try it yourself! Do not forget to leave your feedback.

 Here’s more for you, in order to prepare osteotomy for final implant drilling feel free to buy and use our countersink drills. This highly efficient dental drill system delivers quick and smooth cutting and is manufactured with stainless steel surface which makes the drills stand out from the rest of it’s kind.  

  If purchasing individual drills is not enough for you and you want to be fully equipped and prepared we have something special for you – get our complete set of 8 implant twisted drills in sequenced drill sizes for your ultimate drilling experience and comfort. The diameters vary from 1.90mm and up to 5.20mm. Please note that each of the drills can be used for 25-35 drillings. If you were ever concerned about dental drill rpm, we can tell you for sure that using these drills will help your handpiece to reach full potential. And also the price for this set is really affordable, you get around 250 highly accurate drillings for a mere price of $348! Get this full set now!

  Drill stopper kits and drill stopper package deals from our top vendor Dibay (Israel) are here for you! Having individual drill stoppers in your stock is absolutely a great choice, but it’s always better to be fully prepared for any kind of drilling with diverse diameters. Our kits include all the diameters that you need. As it was mentioned above solid drill stoppers are a perfect fit for collecting bone debris when drilling. For the most efficient bone harvesting it is recommended to work with the drill stoppers at 500 rpm.

  Dear customers, here’s great news for you, you can get huge discounts from purchasing our drills, buy more and pay less! The discount is applied to most of the products by Dibay, take a look at their products by clicking this link. Medielf offers you the best deals in the dental market are right here and right for you!

  Get in touch with us now to get dental drills straight from the dental company or send us an email with the order request, our customer support agents will help you out. Happy shopping!