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Implant Accessories

We’d like to introduce you to another category of exclusive and high quality products in our marketplace, in here you will find everything you need for dental implants! Better implanting can be achieved when you’re using the right products, it’s simple. One of our vendors is an innovative company from Canada, which has come up with a scientific yet very effective approach in implanting, it can become better, quicker and more accurate which will save both, your time and finances. The key product here is G-Cuff, which is supplied to you right from Canada, this is an innovative solution which will solve many of the issues you’re facing when implanting teeth. It’s generally known that the machines are not able to fix flaws of the impression, for this very reason it is necessary to use the right tools for taking impression in the right way and have a high quality restoration as the result. This amazing tool, G-Cuff, helps to take accurate and clean impressions around abutment area. Basically G-Cuff is a plastic collar which supports the soft tissue around the abutment. This product allows taking impressions of abutments for implants in the same way as it’s done when taking impression of natural teeth. We’re offering you an amazing G-Cuff intro kit which contains 8 different sizes and a fitting gauge which helps to select the right size. To get this kit now click https://www.medielf.com/g-cufftm-intro-kit-48-gcuffs.html. But if you’d like to get separate G-cuffs individually, feel free to browse our catalog and find what you’re looking for. Another pleasant thing about G-Cuff is that the price for this wonderful tool is really attractive and the manufacturer offers fast and safe shipping, so you can be sure that your G-Cuff will reach you safely. The G-Cuff is a perfect fit for all kinds of implant systems. And the main advantage of this product is that it reduces the chance of redoing the impression. Behold, we are bringing you the ultimate solution for your lab or office – SG Laser Aligner, which is a universal system for constructing surgical guides for efficient placement of the implant. Using this machine for making guides guarantees you extreme accuracy and absence of artifacts. And there are even more advantages than this! This laser aligner allows easy planning and works perfectly with any planning computer programs. And another major benefit is that it can be used for multiple as well as for single implants surgery. Please note that the manufacturer provides training and technical support too, so you will always have a helping hand when working with the aligner! We will be expanding our catalog of dental implants and accessories in the near future so there will be even more high quality products from most recognizable brands in the dental market. You can purchase our products right from the website or send us an email with your request.