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In the presented category we have gathered unique tools for successful work with implants, these high quality and hi-tech products are provided by our top rated European vendor – Dibay. Let us walk you through our catalog and represent you the best dental tools in the market. The first product in the row is implant drill extender which is a perfect tool for extending the length between teeth for conducting better surgical operations, it’s also highly effective when you’re working in narrow spaces. Average length of 29mm and polished stainless steel make this drill extender extremely comfy. Our #2 in the line of top implant tools from our catalog is adjustable torque ratchet wrench with square adapter. This tool is used to extract or screw in dental implants at pre-adjusted torque levels. The important thing which should be remembered when working with this tool is that you should apply the force only at the head of the tool, once you reach the torque that you need you will hear a click, at this point you should stop applying the force, otherwise you will cause breakage. Another important thing you should know is that the tools must be sterilized before using, take care of your wrench well avoid using metal pads and wire brushes as it will cause damage to the wrench. When you’re working with drillings you should pay extra attention to collecting bone debris, for this purpose you can use our Bone Collector of usable bone during surgical operations, using it will not only save your precious surgery time and will contribute to patient’s wellbeing during the operation. Click https://www.medielf.com/bone-collector.html to get the bone collector now, please note that free shipping is applied to all the products in this category! Take a look at our superb bone compression kit! When used properly it delivers better treatment when compressing soft bone. It’s a known fact that bone compression creates better basis for implantation and creates stable ground for future implant. Also with the help of bone compression it’s possible to control the extension of the bone. And there’s another surprisingly functional kit that we have prepared for you – basic surgical kit, the whole kit and instruments are made of European quality stainless steel. This highly efficient kit is equipped with parallel pins, a marking drill, a set of twisted drill with external irrigation (sizes vary from 2mm to 5.20mm). Apart from this fully equipped kit we’re offering you super stylish empty plastic kit with silicone inserts for your own set of drills! Now you can carry all the burs and drills with you. Click https://www.medielf.com/original-surgical-kit-by-alpha-bior-empty.html to get the Surgical Kit by Alpha Bio! There is even much more in this category for you, feel free to browse and explore our hot offers and super profitable deals! We’re here to help serve you and help you start purchasing dental supplies from dental companies and manufacturers. Contact us now via live chat or email! Happy shopping!