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MATRIX FORM 60 A+B - 500 g of each A&B

MATRIX FORM 60 A+B - 500 g of each A&B

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You'll be amazed at the detail captured by this unique putty. Easily kneadable, auto-curing with a Shore hardness of 60, Matrix Form 60 is applied directly to the wax-up or modelation and placed in a dry pressure pot at 2 Bar (30 psi) for 4 minutes. Amazing detail. Simple application. ...view more



The high amount of silicone oil in the material prevents the rim from drying; so it remains dimensionally stable for up to one year. It offers a good final plasticity and a nice contrast due to the rich orange color and is easy to trim and mill. It was especially developed for first impressions in the anaxform flask, precise rims, and other delicate applications at the dental lab or the dental office.

includes two measuring spoons