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Osmo Five-Patient Teeth Whitening Kit

Osmo Five-Patient Teeth Whitening Kit

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  • Specially formulated 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gel designed for excellent accelerated results

  • Includes easy to use Home-Maintenance Whitening Pen

  • Guaranteed to deliver shiny, white results with NO sensitivity



Treatment Procedure

1. Perform a pre-treatment oral exam and consult with the patient on his or her desired whitening results to determine the best treatment plan for his or her individual situation.

2. Determine the existing tooth shade.

3. Apply lip protection cream and place the protective eye goggles on the patient.

4. Insert the BEYOND® FlexiBlue Cheek Retractor.

5. Dry the teeth and gums

6. Attach the mixing tip to the dual barrel syringe of whitening gel and apply a 2-3 mm layer of OsmoTM Whitening Gel to the dry surface of the teeth.

7. Position the BEYOND® Accelerator lamp head at a 90° angle to the patient’s teeth and press the Start button to begin the first 12 minute cycle.

8. At the end of the 12 minute cycle, use dry suction to remove the whitening gel. DO NOT rinse with water. Repeat Steps 5-7, two more times for a total of three, 12 minute treatment cycles..

9. At the end of the last 12 minute cycle, remove the gel, cheek retractor, gauze, and protective eye goggles and ask the patient to rinse his or her mouth with water.

10. Show the patient his or her new white tooth shade.  

Osmo™ Whitening Pen Instructions

1: Remove cap from Osmo™ Whitening Pen.

2: Press the button at the bottom of the pen (by clicking), until a droplet is seen in the brush of the pen (first time use may require about 15-20 clicks before droplet appears).

3: If not using cheek retractor, have patient smile wide, keeping lips away from the teeth. Apply a thin layer of OsmoTM Whitening Pen gel directly onto the front surface of the teeth, avoiding gums or lips. Keep mouth open for 30 seconds.

4: Mouth can be rinsed after ten minutes.

5: Replace the cap when finished.   IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE Pregnant women or persons under the age of 18 are not recommended to undergo the procedure. Terminate the whitening procedure if any patient reports severe tooth sensitivity and remove all whitening gel before treating with fluoride. For home use of Whitening Pen, for best whitening results use at night as saliva output is at lowest level.

Do not eat or drink within 30 minutes after using whitening pen. -