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Diamond dental burs

Get ready for it, as it’s really close, yes, you’ve heard it right! We are giving you the best dental burs for extremely low prices – you can get them all here. We are stretching the boundaries of our catalog even bigger for you, as we want you to use the best supplies from the first-class manufacturers. Now you do not need to search multiple resources in order to find the most applicable bur, composite or any other restorative material, as you have an amazing opportunity to get it all here – diamond dental burs, drills, pink/regular composites and much more.
Since you have landed in this category, we will do our best to get you what you need. Here are perfect burs for cutting framework, non-precious and precious metals – Barracuda Tungsten Carbide burs. Save and get a set of 5 burs for 55$ only, the offer is limited. Their unique design lets you cut through easily with minimum damaged. Using these burs for cutting chrome, gold and other metals greatly improves your performance. And the good news is that different sized burs are in stock. We opt for ultimate performance when it comes to cutting, and especially preparing tooth for extraction – for this purpose we recommend you to use Zekrya Tungsten Carbide burs, this is a unique bur solution designed not for only preparing tooth for extraction but for removing & separating roots as well.
Did you know that quick zirconia crown prepping is a result of a properly chosen bur? As most burs are too slow and generate too much heat when working with zirconium, as you know extra heat and slow speed of the bur might cause micro fractures on the material. We have the cure – Magic Touch Burs set is the best among prepping and polishing burs. If you care about ceramics protection you should definitely get this magic bur set!
We bet that you have already got acquainted with our esthetic burs – soft tissue trimmers, this is the choice of true estheticians, as these let you trim the gingival tissue in a really swift and gentle manner. Take a look around and if you need professional assistance – drop us an email or ask for our live agents help. Cheers!