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Bur & Diamond Rotary Instruments

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Dental diamond rotary instruments

This is a huge addition to our massive catalog of dental rotary instruments – meet our tungsten carbide dental burs. All of these highly efficient burs are available in different shapes and lengths. Let us tell you a bit more about why these burs are so awesome, here are just a few bullet points. For a fair price of $55 you can get a set of 5 amazing burs with ultimate performance, unique geometry of the blade and unique design helps to reduce the damage and breaking of metals. Moreover our tungsten burs are designed for cutting non-precious as well as precious metals.
Sometimes the easy way is not the best solution when cutting the hard tissue and you need to use some serious and really tough burs, like Crosscut Lindemann Tungsten burs. These burs are created for one reason – aggressive cutting, its special shape make s cutting ultimately productive, plus special shape of the bur removes the debris when cutting and provides smooth & accurate cutting.
All of these diamond rotary dental instruments are provided by world’s most trusted dental companies and manufacturers, and we have gathered them for you in this category. We know that you opt for the best quality and we’re giving it to you!