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Soft Tissue

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We know that you’ve got acquainted with our restorative materials and our extensive burs range, but we have excelled ourselves, you don’t need to use scalpel for your surgeries anymore as there’s a perfect, hi-tech alternative – Ceramic Tissue Trimmer. This product is nothing but magic, as it can be used for trimming extra gum tissue for patients with gingivitis or simply improving the looks and bringing more natural esthetics to the gums!
The trimmer is totally easy to use and it cuts the tissue really –really good due to its sharp ceramic cylinder. In order to achieve maximum result we advise using this trimmer at the top speed of your handpiece and make sure to avoid using water coolant spray as it might cause undesirable bleeding of the gingiva.
We know that there are a few drawbacks of using burs – they overheat and might cause damage of the bone, but it’s not like that with our tissue trimmers, they’re designed in a way that helps to avoid the heat and bone damage.
The indications for the trimmers are numerous: improving the contours of the gingiva, trimming inflamed tissue, exposing fractured teeth and crown lengthening and a lot more. The length of tissue trimmers also matters, final result greatly depends on it, that’s why we have a set of Short & Long Ceramic Tissue trimmer in store for you. We know that using this trimmer might be new for you, but isn’t it the best thing – trying a new product and seeing that it works way better than your old scalpel?! Get it now and remember to thank us!